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What types of ads format do Google ads support?

13 Nov 2019

Online Google ads have become an essential part of today’s internet life. For those who are the new marketers, it can be a little bit confusing tasks to get acknowledgment about the variety of available online Google ads. In such situations, you can take help from SEO experts Sydney which can enhance your knowledge about the proper Google ads format.

Today it has become a natural step to promote your services or products with the help of image ads, video ads, digital content ads, and many more. Each format of the advertisement has its advantages and disadvantages. You can run multiple ad formats from the same account of Google ads. Google ads agency Sydney provides practical ideas for choosing the correct size of advertisements, which can promote your business growth.

Significant steps to choose the useful ad format:

  • You need first to select the desired campaign and then the ad group. The ad campaign depends on your area of interest, which type of ad you want to create.
  • Select the Ads tab and click on it.
  • After that, you need to click the +Ad button.
  • Now you can select the format for your website content which you would like to create.
  • Complete the instructions required to specify your ad format.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can run your website content ad. However, according to PPC agency Sydney if the Google ads do not support the ad format created by you, then it will not run.

Exclusive ads format which is available in the Google ads account:

  • Responsive ads: These are the kind of ads format that automatically can adjust their appearance, size, and composition to fit in the efficient ad spaces. You can quickly transform the responsive ads into the image or the text ads, which boost up your business impact. Through the Best SEO Company Sydney you can know that Google ads support such kinds of ads format.
  • Text ads: It helps you in reaching the customers quickly when they search on Google. That is why, according to the SEO services Sydney, Google ads support such a type of ad format. It becomes efficient for you to maintain the ads quickly plus comfortably by following such ads format.
  • Shopping product ads: Such kinds of ads show the users about the product, price, title name, and more details related to your service. Advertising agency Sydney shows that Google ads support such ad format because, with the help of this, you can present your product services to people who prefer online shopping.
  • App promotional ads: It helps your customers by sending the information to download your service app from the app store. You can easily reach the customers when they start searching on Google or websites. Google advertising Sydney suggests that these format ads will appear only the devices that are compatible with the content provided on your site.

Consumers nowadays give preference to the online Google ads as compared to another medium. Therefore SEO Sydney suggests that it is better to create the best ads format for running your business content ads effectively.

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