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Google Shopping also known as Comparison Shopping Engine enables customers to search, compare and shop products of various retailers on Google.In this e-commerce world, people love using Google shopping because of its reliability and the advertising opportunity it offers on one of the largest search engines. Google shopping makes online shopping experience much easier for the users by showing the thumbnail images that display every product’s details and price. Since most of the online searches are first entered on Google, Google shopping has surely become a popular product of Google. With the help of Google shopping, Google is providing an amazing marketplace for retailers selling products online.

Google shopping was first launched in 2002, and was called Froogle as Google just indexed product data based on few search terms. In 2012, Google shopping changed and shifted to a paid advertising model where retailers have to pay to list their products on Google shopping search results. Google shopping also allows you to apply filter in which you can search products according to your preferred color, price range, quality, brand, etc. Another great thing about using Google shopping is that you can add visuals of your products which are proven to be more engaging than text based searches.

In this highly competitive world, it is becoming difficult to keep users engaged with so many products and options available online. This is where Google’s comparison shopping comes in handy; providing users a clear comparison and helping them in buying the right product. It is one of the most interesting and reasonable ways of promoting products online.

Google shopping not only promotes your brand but also helps in advertising your product in the most engaging way, which also leads to better conversion rate.

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