Social distancing: Our only chance against COVID19

26 Mar 2020

The whole world has come to a virtual stand-still, there is a lockdown in most of the countries. This has been caused due to a very contagious disease named COVID19 or CORONA virus. Even after many attempts countries have not been able to solve the problem and bring out any fruitful solution to eradicate this disease. As there is no cure available right now, prevention is the only way out to save humanity. The disease has not been limited to any country or creed; it has affected humanity as a whole so we all need to fight against it together.

So the way we all can fight it and save ourselves is by SOCIAL DISTANCING. It means that stay away from other humans as much as possible. Even if you have to meet anyone keep a distance of 1 meter between the two individuals. Corona is a droplet spreading disease. This means that if droplets of sneezing or coughing from an infected person comes in contact with a healthy person, the healthy person shall also become infected. The worst part is that it may take up to ten days for this new person to even realize that he had been infected. In turn in the ten days, all the people that this new person shall meet will be infected.

The virus gets transferred from the infected person to a healthy person through these droplets. The germs of this disease need to be washed off from your hands and face immediately. Wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with a soap whenever possible. If water is not available immediately then sanitize hands with the use of an alcohol-based sanitizer. And then wash hands when you can. To not touch your eyes or mouth are the most vulnerable parts of the body for the virus to enter. If you go outside then wear a face mask to avoid inhaling any virus.

According to WHO, the first 100,000 persons affected in the entire world were reached in 67 days, the next 100,000 in 11 days and the next 100,000 in 4 days. The numbers are increasing exponentially and there is no other way to stop this menace unless we lock down ourselves in our homes. You can get more details on Clickbiz Australia. Do not go out unless it is very essential. As when you go out you shall be affecting all your family members too upon return, so this may be at the purpose of them staying in. Please be careful and stay away from any unnecessary shopping or dining out. Have food at home and spend time indoors with your loved ones.

The lesser the number of people coming in contact with others, the more are the chance of breaking the chain of this disease. Since the virus can stay alive for a few days on any surface so the social distancing needs to be followed for a few weeks from now on. Please listen and obey your government orders, they are for your benefit. Once this virus spread has been curtailed you can have as many parties as you want and meet up your buddies. Till then stay away. You can always catch up on phone calls and video calls with each other. Stay safe and stay determined to fight this disease by staying indoors.

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