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How to Build the Right Content Marketing Strategy for SEO Growth?

19 Mar 2020

SEO is an extremely important digital marketing strategy that involves making the website and business visible in search engines. Essentially, SEO is an umbrella term that describes any technique used to move any of the website higher in search results for keywords related to the business.


  1. Create a List of Keywords.
  2. Analyze Google’s First Page.
  3. Create Something Different or Better.
  4. Add a Hook.
  5. Optimize For On-Page SEO.
  6. Optimize For Search Intent.
  7. Make Your Content Look Awesome.
  8. Build Links to Your Page.

SEO marketing plan can work mainly well with an existing PPC campaign if designed perfectly. When it comes to keyword targeting, your PPC campaigns can serve as a testing ground for SEO.

Additionally, PPC ad headlines and copy can serve as testing for your foundational SEO—the ads with higher CTR should serve as your basis for Meta titles and descriptions.

  1. Identify demand
  2. Benchmark competition
  3. Optimize content
  4. Measure Impact

In some cases, depending on the size of your in-house team or outside agency, a lot of responsibilities can overlap. To manage an efficient workflow, you should make sure these overlapping responsibilities do not hinder the process or the end product.

The Challenge of tracking SEO success has evolved with the industry. From being primarily keyword-driven to “Not Provided,” Google Analytics alone has altered how we measure SEO success.

Marketing attribution is the process of looking at how your customers move through your buyer’s journey. It’s about assigning value to the channels that influenced a conversion, whether it’s a soft lead or final purchase. However, attribution in marketing  is difficult across digital and traditional platforms. Even reporting can be skewed—direct traffic being attributed to organic, and referral traffic being attributed to the wrong mediums. But any business, large or small, must be able to determine the value of their online efforts.

  1. To understand the value of SEO metrics in terms of revenue and investment, it’s worth analyzing them in terms of your sales funnel.
  2. Rankings, impressions, and traffic are, as we noted in attribution, toward the top of the funnel.
  3. The key is to understand how the beginning stages influence the end stages for overall revenue.

It’s easier to track an organic visit to checkout (without factoring in multi-touch) and seeing actual dollars and numbers comparisons. It’s easier to track an organic visit to checkout (without factoring in multi-touch) and seeing actual dollars and numbers comparisons.

SEO agencies can offer different forms of services and payment-

  1. Project-based Pricing- Project fees are like contract services with fixed-pricing, except they are more specific in their end goals.
  2. Monthly Retainer- The client pays a set fee each month for a previously established scope of work. These arrangements typically include regular reporting, keyword research and strategy, on-site optimization, and link building.
  3. Fixed-Price Services: This option can be beneficial for a new company, or a business switching services or agencies, to test out a potential relationship. This most likely includes auditing and reporting that is priced out as a single service.
  4. Hourly consulting: This typical model is an hourly fee in exchange for services or information.

Online Marketing is one of the newest and most effective strategies has been of online marketing, which is the topic that this whole e-book was centered on. Online marketing utilizes the internet and its wealth of resources for promotional, profile-raising purposes.

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