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How to controls Ads on Google with New Ad Personalization Settings

08 Jun 2021

Have you ever wondered that if you search for any product at any shopping app, the next day the same advertisement will pop out at every platform you use?  This is because of Google Ad personalization. In recent times people are more concerned about their privacy therefore, it becomes a matter of headache for many users. Keeping their concerns in the notice, Google recently launched a page that makes its users understand how Google ads target them.

Also, Google gives the authority of controlling the ads to its users. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can control the ads with the help of a new ad personalization setting. Before that let’s understand how the whole process of ads setting works?

Working process of Google ads

Google ads settings will be different for different accounts. If you have multiple Google accounts and you make changes in a single account. Then it will be saved for that particular account only. You have to make the changes again for other accounts. Ads are personalized with the activity of each account. 

How to control the Ads of your Google account?

Controlling Google ads means that whether you want Google to pop up the advertisement on your device or not. Yes, now you can decide that by turning a setting on and off. To turn off the advertisements follow the given steps:

  • First of all, open your Google account.
  • On the left-hand side, you will see an option for data and personalization. Click on that.
  • Open the ad personalization page and open the ads setting.
  • On this setting page, you can turn off the ads from the front and center section. Either you can turn on the setting or off from these two corners.
  • If you want to turn off the ads then, click on the off option.

Once you click off, Google will stop showing you the personalized ads instead it will show you only general ads.  This is not like; you will not receive a single ad from Google. But as I mentioned early your screen will pop out with generic ads. Now there will be no fear of leaking your personal information as Google will stop the personalization option.

Turning off the ads will have some disadvantages which are given below:

Disadvantages of turning of the personalized ads

The biggest disadvantage is that you can no longer decide which type of ads you want. Now Google will show only general ads which can be of any genre. It can be possible that you want ads for beauty products but now Google is showing the ads of Pepsi.

When you search anything on the shopping app, Google will also show the related ads. It will give you more choices and categories to shop from. Once you turn off the personalized ads, you will no longer receive ads of a similar category. It means you have to do the hard work of searching for particular things. 

Myths about controlling the Google personalized ads

One of the biggest myths among people is that once you turn off the personalized ads, Google will not collect your information anymore. But this is nothing but a misconception among people. Google will continue to collect all of the information about your search even if you turn off the personalized ads. The only difference is that you will not get the personalized ads; else everything is going to be the same.

The fear and chances of losing your information are still the same. So beware and don’t believe in myths. Instead read about the policies of a new set of Google ad personalization. 

What to do if you want to choose a particular field of interest 

There are many people out there who still want Google to pop up the personalized ads and to choose the particular field of interest. Those people can follow the given steps.

  • Follow the above steps and go to the ad personalization page. Turn on the ad’s personalization in case it is off.
  • Under this section, there is the option of personal interest and info. Click on that.
  • Select update. Now there will be some instructions on your screen which you have to follow. These instructions are very basic which everyone can understand. The instructions will be about your interest. 
  • Once you follow all the instructions, congratulations you have successfully updated the information.
  • You can also turn off any interest if you want. 

These are the methods that you can use to control the new setting of Google ad personalization. I hope things get clear to you and you have also cleared the misconceptions about the setting. Don’t trust any app blindly as your privacy is important. 

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