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If you are not aware of YouTube video advertising, chances are you are missing out on a crucial chunk of business opportunities that are available online. Marketing has evolved from the traditional avenues and exploded into the online world. No business worth their salt is without a proper online marketing strategy these days.

Whether its retail or something like industrial parts; everything is online and so is the consumer. The sheer amount of content online is too much for any consumer and thus begins the race for providing the “perfect neat resolution” to the customer. Marketing a video today is the best way to reach your potential customer and YouTube has made it easy, as has other avenues like Google video marketing.

While the online world is rarely about borders; this particular post will cater to YouTube marketing in Australia. Here are a few pointers for any business that is looking to reach into the internet belly for a better market present.

  • YouTube is the Place and Videos are the Way

Today videos have become the primary choice for marketers, simply because visual content is more compelling and have a greater ability to hook a viewer. Complex idea can be condensed and simplified within gripping footage; this makes videos both easily accessible and impactful. The conversion rates and audience retention is the highest when messages are transferred in a video format.

YouTube is without a doubt the best place to host a video, not only it is the second largest search engine for content, it is owned by Google.  If you take a look at Google video advertising you will find an overlap with YouTube.

  • Keep it Short and Simple

Getting on YouTube is not the hard part; it is the ranking on the top pages and searches that truly pushes the visibility of a business forward. Valuable content is what grips a viewer and a short length is what keeps them from getting bored and moving on. Statistically, viewers prefer simpler, shorter videos to long ones with overtly complex information.

  • Give Value not just a Sales Pitch

Educational and value based content is the key to better conversion rates and higher rankings. Let’s suppose you own a business that sells lawn mowers. You cannot simply drop a promotional video that is not giving the viewer any actual value. The best way is to create a video that deals with common assembly problems with lawn mowers or anything helpful that can benefit a viewer. Don’t forget to slip in the mention of your product to have a truly impactful video.


  • Aim for the Best Quality

A poorly shot video or a bland one without any graphics or any real video editing work put in will do more damage than good. If you want your video marketing to work, aim for the best quality that you can afford; this does pay off. You will see greater visibility and better rankings if your video “looks good”. Presentation and execution of the video are important because they come across as the first impression of your business/product/service. Good videos are associated with quality of product/service.

  • Bring in the professionals

You might be a small business with a tight budget but accommodating a proper marketer in that budget and spending a few bucks on good graphics and quality video editing go a long way in establishing your presence online. There are service providers doing YouTube marketing in Sydney that offer video advertising services along with good quality SEO. Many marketing companies offer reduced and tailored packages to suit the needs of any budget. One such example is Clickbiz video advertising; they offer many other services including visibility and higher search engine rankings.  The potential benefits of hiring a professional marketer versus winging it yourself, is self-explanatory; there are too many aspects that you would not understand.

At the end of the day, the services/products that you offer are as good as your videos will portray to your potential customer. If you wish to expand the reach of your business/service don’t underestimate the power of YouTube and its loyal viewership.

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