What is Google AdWords?
Google AdWords is Google’s advertising program that allows you to create simple, effective ads and show them to people searching online for products or services related to your business.

Is it possible to show your ads only to the “Most Relevant Audiences”?
The keyword-based advertising shows your ads to the most relevant audiences. For example when a user visits Google search and enters a keyword “plumber Sydney” Google displays a variety of relevant search results, such as links to articles containing plumbing advice, or websites dedicated to popular plumbers. Google also displays AdWords ads that link to online businesses offering plumbing, gas fitting and services related to the query.


  • Flexibility: Google adwords gives you a great flexibility to choose right audience by picking up appropriate keywords. For ex: if a plumber chosses a keyword “leaking taps”, he is targeting all those users who are looking under that specific keyword only.
  • Geographical Targeting: Clickbiz Australia will allow your business to target as small as 25 Kms around where you service or all across Austrlia or even internationally. Just let us know the area you need to focus and we make you appear in that specific area there.
  • Reviewing: We understand that once adwords account is set up, it’s not necessary that it is 100% perfectand cannot be fine tuned, thus we send you monthly keyword performance reports. With us you can make unlimited edits for changing, adding or modifying your existing keywords as and when required.
  • Time scheduling: Whether you work 24/7 or 9 – 5 on weekdays, depending on your trading hours, we make your ads appear on Google only when you are operating. This would not only save your advertising money but only bring clients to your business when there is always someone to serve them.
  • Choose your spend: We at Clickbiz Australia understand small businesses cash flow situation. Whatever your budget is, we can design the campaign accordingly. Discuss your size of business and needs and let us recommend you the most cost effective campaign we can offer.

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