Google advertising Melbourne

Google advertising Melbourne

Have you spent hundreds of dollars on PPC and yet haven’t got the results that you want? Well, you are not the only one facing such a situation. Most PPC campaigns fail because they are in inexperienced hands. Google Ads has a huge potential to offer leads for your business, but only if it is used properly. And that is why, you need an expert like Clickbiz. We are a trusted Google Ads agency in Melbourne that has brought success to Google Ads advertising for businesses all over Australia.

What do we do for our clients?

You are not just another client for us. We, at Clickbiz, strive to fulfil our client’s advertising needs, each day, every day. That is why, we follow a thoroughly devised course of action to help improve and enrich your PPC campaigns. We do the following services to our clients:

  • Complete audit

Even before we make a promise, we carry out a comprehensive audit of your website, your past campaigns, and more. We find out the pitfalls of your ongoing Google Ads campaign in Melbourne and determine what must be done to achieve the best results.

  • Effective strategising

Nothing comes without proper strategy and your success with Google Ads is no exception. As an experienced advertising agency in Melbourne, we understand that a proper strategy is needed before any campaign can be set up.

  • Campaign monitoring

Creating a PPC campaign isn’t enough. It must be closely monitored at all stages to ensure that the best results are obtained. Our PPC agency is committed to offer the best services to the clients. We keep a close eye on all the developments of your PPC campaign, and if needed, we modify the campaigns to ensure outstanding results.

  • Conversion rate optimisation

Getting traffic is good. But if it doesn’t convert, it is of no use. The main aim of Google advertising is generating leads and we focus on that. We optimise campaigns, banners, banner texts, and more to ensure that you get leads that bring you sales.

  • Regular reports

When you work with a leading Google Ads agency, you will never have to sweat about what’s going on with your PPC campaigns. We send regular performance reports to our clients so that you are in the loop at all times.

  • Improved ROI

Have you spent a lot of money with little results? Not anymore! We can help you achieve the best ROI from your Google Ads campaign. Money is, indeed, hard-earned, and at Clickbiz, every cent is well-spent.

Why choose us?

If our services aren’t enough to make us the best choice for your marketing campaign, here are a few points that can help you make the right choice:

  • We offer free consultation to all clients to help them understand what is needed.
  • We have certified experts who can guarantee the best results.
  • We do not bind you into contracts; results are what we believe in.
  • We cater to businesses of all types and sizes.

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    • Certified as Qualified Google Ads Professional (GAP)
    • Access to over thousands of keywords within each industry
    • Free website Analysis for online growth Opportunities
    • In-depth Online search knowledge.
    • Specializing in Australian Small/Med Business.
    • Thorough Support from campaign setup to Monthly Reporting.
    • Simplified billing and payment
    • Competitive pricing to suit small businesses.
    • Unlimited Edits to Campaigns

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