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No one can challenge Google’s power or reign as a search engine. However, Bing; a once unthreatening competitor has snuck up on Google. They have been making consistent developments to the Bing core search algorithm, making it the second favorite search engine after Google today. This slow growth in popularity makes Bing and Yahoo search engines (powered by Bing) an important consideration that must be factored in any online marketing strategy.

Yahoo in partnership with Bing from Microsoft continues to innovate in ad formats, bringing advertisers enhanced visibility and increased reach resulting in an improved ROI. Yahoo and Bing search engines are a proven solution for sending targeted leads to all types of businesses across Australia. Yahoo ads are designed to maximise the return on your advertising investment; just like Google adwords, you only pay when user clicks on your ad.
Clickbiz Australia can help increase the effectiveness of your overall online marketing campaign by focusing not just on Google but also Yahoo and Bing search engines.

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