Advertise on Yahoo! Search, Bing, and Partner Sites,

Clickbiz Australia can advertising your business in search results on Yahoo! Search, Bing, and partner sites. Your business can be more visible to potential customers who search for the products and services you offer. Targeting Yahoo! search network, you may reach up to 161 million searchers and over 30% of the search market on computers, Laptops, Tablets and mobile devices.

Yahoo! in partnership with Bing from Microsoft, continues to innovate in ad formats, bringing advertisers enhanced visibility, increased reach, and improved ROI.

Yahoo! Search and Bing search engines are a proven solution for sending targeted leads to all types of businesses across Australia.It places the ad on search results pages that are relevant to your business type which helps to target users who are searching for products or services you offer.Yahoo! ads are designed to maximize the return on your advertising investment. Like Google adwords you only pay when user clicks on your ad.
Clickbiz Australia focuses on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your Yahoo! and Bing search engine campaigns.

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